35 Soviet Space Posters

35 Soviet Space Posters
May 28, 2012

Let’s conquer space!

Motherland! You’ve been the first to light a star of progress and peace over the Earth!
Glory to science, glory to labor,
Glory to the Soviet regime!

They were given a way on the path by the people, the giant and the creator of priceless treasures,
And they stood up, as heroes of new epic,
Gagarin, Titov, Nikolaev, Popovich.

Let there be peace!

Motherland, your mission is fulfilled!

In the name of peace

Socialism is our launching platform

Reporting – the mission is fulfilled

Communist Party of the Soviet Union – Glory!

We are born to make a dream come true!

Glory to the conquerers of the Universe!

I am happy: my labor becomes a part of the republic labor.

Glory to the Soviet people, pioneers in space!

Glory to the country of heroes!

In the name of communism!

Glory to the country of heroes!

Sons of October – pioneers of the Universe.

The way opens in front of the man!

Navigation in space is open!

Happy New Year, guys!

In the XXth century rockets are flying to stars and trains are going to the place of feats.

To the sun! To the stars!

Through the worlds and centuries!

From training models to space ships!

Be proud, a Soviet man, you have opened a way to stars from Earth!

Wish peace and friendship in the New Year!

Glory to workers of science and engineering!

Into space!

In the name of peace and progress!

Soviet way into space!

October has opened a way into space!

Happy New Year! For peace and new success!

Our triumph in space – hymn to the Soviet Union!

With the name of Lenin!

Soviet means perfect!


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