Beatles – Abbey Road on 08 August 1969

Beatles – Abbey Road on 08 August 1969
June 18, 2012


The six photos that photographer Iain Macmillan took, while standing on a stepladder in front of the crossing.

They start by walking across from the Abbey Road Studios side of the street over to the other side, Paul McCartney is still wearing sandals. The VW beetle is there all the way through the session, but the police van is nowhere to be seen yet.

Paul keeps the flip flops on as they return, but he leaves them on the sidewalk for the remainder of the photo session.

one of several London buses and a taxi appears. Paul has left his sandals.

another bus is waiting for The Beatles to cross the street.

The iconic cover photo, where they are walking in step. There’s that police van. This photo has been colour improved for use on the cover. The unaltered original has not been published.

And the van is still there in the final photo. The last bus approaches.

And all those rumors about the Abbey Road zebra crossing having been moved since the sixties is just someone’s imagination.

The zebra crossing with EMI studios in the background on 25 September 1969

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  • John Trapp

    That’s pretty strange why they would choose that line up to cross the street, unless they were pushing that whole “Paul is dead” routine..John is the Angel, Ringo the Priest, Paul the dead man and George the gravedigger. They kept that line order in all these shots. Why not John-Paul-George-Ringo?

    • Webodysseum

      or maybe John wanted to be in front and nowhere else, ringo between the 2 leaders for a better balance and George wasn’t in the mood for this and didn’t care !

  • Nacho Rivero

    They removed the squared black column nº 25 Should be reinstaled! what do you think? It must be somewhere!

  • Anthony O.

    Or…better yet…none of them even flippin’ cared about what order they walked in; the photographer or the set designer figured it out, the Beatles were fine with it…and they did it…6 pictures…that was the end of it…nothing to be seen here…everyone go home…end of story! (I think it’s OUR wild & crazy imagination, that breathes any further “mysterious” folklore into it!) GEEZ!