LIFE Goes Inside Today’s KKK

LIFE Goes Inside Today’s KKK
May 17, 2013

“What does the KKK look like today? Photographer Anthony Karen has documented the modern-day Klan in their homes, at rallies, and at Klan gatherings, taking us deep inside a world we would otherwise never see — a world most of us might not even want to know about”.

Anthony Karen:
“The couple got married the day before hurricane Gustav made landfall in Louisiana in 2008,” Karen says of the newlyweds portrayed here. “It was a traditional Klan ceremony, with vows exchanged in front of a fiery cross, performed at a remote hunting camp in the middle of a nature preserve. The bride was dead-set on taking her wedding portrait with cypress trees in the background, so she put her husband and me on the back of an ATV and took us on a death-defying ride to find the perfect spot.”