Fidel Castro in New York – 1959

Fidel Castro in New York – 1959
December 14, 2012



  • John Trapp

    Judging by the heroes welcome he seems to be getting, New York city seems to have been as commie back then as it is today. What a sh*thole of a city. I don’t know what moron ever came up with this “Greatest city in the world” crap. Right now it’s a city run under despotism. WTF is so “Great” about that? You are told what to eat, drink, smoke, wear, what business you can own, how much money you can have or make, where you can or cannot go, and even what you do in the privacy of your own home. I read Bloomberg was demanding a list from landlords of all the people who smoke in their apartments (look it up)..Oh yeah, real freedom going on there, how “great”.

    • YaqubHassan

      Yes you’re right, who would want to live in a culturally bereft backwater like New York? Who cares if it’s a world capital of art, architecture, finance, food, education, and industry? Crawford, Texas is clearly superior, what with “values” and all. Also, colored know their place unlike their uppity New York counterparts.