Photos of Searchlights during WWII

Photos of Searchlights during WWII
November 27, 2012

A Douglas Dakota of the British Overseas Airways Corporation at Gibraltar, silhouetted by searchlights on the Rock, 1940-45

An aerial photograph taken during an air raid on Berlin, with the wavy lines of searchlights and anti-aircraft fire, 1941

Searchlights on the Rock at Gibraltar, 1942

An Avro Lancaster on the runway before taking off for an air raid, with searchlights indicating the height of the cloud base, 1943

ATS officers-in-training operate a searchlight, 1944

An Avro Lancaster on a lit runway, 1941-45

An aerial photograph of a bombing raid on Cologne, 1942 – the streaks are the tracks of searchlights and tracer bullets from anti-aircraft fire