Pictures Of the Month – 05/13

Pictures Of the Month – 05/13
June 03, 2013

POM (Pictures Of the Month) is a new rubric of Webodysseum. These are Pictures posted on the Facebook Page this month.

Saturn’s 2000 km Wide Hurricane Eye

A Supercell Thunderstorm Cloud Over Montana (Credit: Sean R. Heavey)

The LED Cathedral – Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium. It stands 91 feet tall at its peak and is made of 55,000 LED lights.

Tails of Comet Lemmon (Credit: Gerald Rhemann)

Hypnotic Views of the Sagrada Familia Ceiling by Clement Celma

1935, San Francisco. Golden Gate Bridge under construction.

Lamborghini Braking at High Speed

The Ceiling of the Paris Opera House (by Trey Ratcliff)

Clouds, Birds, Moon, Venus (by Isaac Gutiérrez Pascual)

Partial Solar Eclipse with Airplane (by Phillip Calais)

frozen air bubbles at Abraham lake, Canada

Bat tongue: nectar is trappedbetween the rows of papilllae and carried into the mouth.

Divers explore a sunken shipwreck in the northern area of the Red Sea

Perfect Timing

Last four couples standing in the Chicago dance marathon, 1930

A three image sequence of last Friday’s rising annular eclipse. Credit: Geoff Sims

Aerial view of Niagara Falls.

Extraordinary wave photography (by PIERRE CARREAU)

someday, we’ll look at our moon and see this… (posted by Wingus on reddit)

Hungarian industrial designer Gusztáv Szikszai has created the ‘Ring Clock’, a design that merges the functionality of a watch with the design of a ring. I Hope it will be produced one day !!

© Peter Stanley/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

SUNRISE FROM SPACE (photographed by one of the Expedition 35 crew members aboard the Earth-orbiting International Space Station, May 5, 2013).

By Pierre Dalous

Last month, when Matt’s mother Margaret (abbreviated as “Marge”) passed away, an obituary was published in Portland’s newspaper The Oregonian, revealing many secrets about how the Simpsons’ characters got their names.

Everest’s shadow (published by bug_eyed_earl on Reddit)

mammatus clouds over Citi Field in Queens, New York (by beau-dog on Flickr)

View from the sky: EF5 tornado carves trail into Moore.

Renndølsetra, Norway

Ship Hotel, south korea

An Amazing Deep-Field View of Centaurus A (by Rolf Wahl Olsen)

Shadow of the Eiffel Tower

black & white pic of a man feeding birds in Krakow (Photo by Marcin Ryczek)

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