Pictures Of the Month – 08/13

Pictures Of the Month – 08/13
September 02, 2013

POM (Pictures Of the Month) is a rubric of Pictures posted on the Facebook Page this month.

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From apod:
“The Great Spiral Galaxy in Andromeda (aka M31), a mere 2.5 million light-years distant, is the closest large spiral to our own Milky Way. Andromeda is visible to the unaided eye as a small, faint, fuzzy patch, but because its surface brightness is so low, casual skygazers can’t appreciate the galaxy’s impressive extent in planet Earth’s sky. This entertaining composite image compares the angular size of the nearby galaxy to a brighter, more familiar celestial sight. In it, a deep exposure of Andromeda, tracing beautiful blue star clusters in spiral arms far beyond the bright yellow core, is combined with a typical view of a nearly full Moon. Shown at the same angular scale, the Moon covers about 1/2 degree on the sky, while the galaxy is clearly several times that size.”

Base Jumping In Zakynthos, Greece

The Milky Way, seen from the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Resort on Mount Bürgenstock in Switzerland

Waterspouts Over the Adriatic Sea (by Roberto Giudici )

The Moon rises surrounded by noctilucent clouds !
seen from the International Space Station. Via Luca Parmitano on Twitter.

Dryholaey bird sanctuary in Iceland (by CHRISTIAN SCHWEIGER)

Can you see the train ?

Mexico City.

Jamaica’s Usain Bolt wins the 100m final at the 2013 IAAF World Championships in Moscow just as a lightning bolt in the sky strikes.

Sean Woolnough in Namotu Island, Fiji (by STUART GIBSON)

Long Exposure Shot of a Big Wheel

A new space telescope has taken the highest resolution pictures ever of the Orion Nebula.
More pictures of Nebulae

Volcanic Eruption at sunset (Puyehue volcano of Chile that erupted in June 2011).

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