Forms and Life of the Snouters

Forms and Life of the Snouters
October 11, 2012

“According to the German naturalist Harald Stümpke, the snouters (also called Rhinogrades) were discovered on the main island of Hiddudify in 1941 by the Swedish explorer Einar Pettersson-Skämtkvist when he landed on the island trying to escape spies in WW2. Unfortunately, as a consequence of atomic bomb testing, the islands suddenly sank into the ocean in the late 1950s. Thus perished all traces of the snouters, their unique ecosystem, and all the world’s specialists on that intriguing subject — who happened to be holding their congress there at the time. The order’s most remarkable characteristic was the nasorium, an organ derived from the ancestral species’ nose, which had variously evolved to fulfill every conceivable function.”

“In reality, The Snouters are a fictitious mammal order. Both the animals and the scientist were ostensibly creations of Gerolf Steiner, a zoology professor at the University of Karlsruhe, who drew his inspiration from a poem by Christian Morgenstern.”


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